Pain Away, Lil Durk - Meek Mill

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Pain Away, Lil Durk - Meek Mill
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  • Дата релиза: 23 ноябрь 2020
Текст песни
Pain Away, Lil Durk - Meek Mill
We was in the trenches, tryna get it out the mud
Lookin' up to killers, tryna figure who I was
Sold the Richard Porter, I just want to feel the love
I feel like a Crip 'cause I can't even trust my blood (Blood)
Loyalty, (You know what loyalty is?), I say, "Spoil me"
You ain't my dawg, you fallin' out of about no lawyer fee (No lawyer fee)
You had a brick and I ain't even have a quarter key
You never seen my hand out, I knew it was more to me
It's more than us to see our sons and all our daughters eat
'Cause I got cops tryna lock me, opps out tryna slaughter me
But I stay prayed up, loadin' all these K's up
'Cause I ain't get advicе from all them nights back when I stayed up
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Pain Away, Lil Durk - Meek Mill